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SV Mosaic

Mosaic Voyage | Family preparing for cruising on our sailboat

SV Mosaic is a 1978 Sparkman & Stephens designed Fuji 40. She was built in Japan and is hull #2 of only about 13 ever made. At 40 feet long and 27,000 pounds, she’s a big girl, and sturdily built. Some of her fiberglass is said to be near 3 inches thick.

She’s got a nice aft stateroom, considering that she’s an aft cockpit boat, where Brenden and Rachel currently sleep and a deeply divided v-berth up front that the kids are sharing. We’ve seen some photos of other Fuji 40s which have had their v-berth converted to one large berth for the master berth and we feel we may make a move to work that conversion in the future, but for now we’re all happy with our spaces. She’s also got a nice port side pilot berth which is actually quite comfortable.

Click here to see the blog post I wrote with virtual tour of Mosaic.

Here are some specs off

Fuji 40 - sailboat data.1

Fuji 40 - sailboat data.2

On our vessel, the starboard side quarter-berth was custom ordered to include a large hanging locker which cut down the space of the actual berth to be only about 2/3 of the length shown in the above graphic.

Fuji 40 - sailboat data.3

family sailing and cruising Columbia River | Mosaic Voyage

Family cruising and sailing Columbia River | Mosaic Voyage