The Crew

We are a family of four living a nomadic life aboard our 40-foot sailboat in the Pacific Northwest

Mosaic Voyage Crew - June 2019

Mosaic Voyage Crew – June 2019


Brenden is in his early thirties. With a background in banking, he is good with people and can easily strike up a hearty conversation with just about anyone. Brenden may be described as opinionated and can come off as intimidating to some but is a great conversationalist.

Brenden is known to latch onto a subject (such as sailing) and research and study almost endlessly. Because of this habit, he is very good at gathering information to put to good use. Having successfully transitioned out of the banking world and into the tech world, he’s spending his free time teaching himself computer coding, all about boat systems, and, of course, helping raise our two children.


I’m also in my early thirties. I’m an animal lover at heart and grew up riding horses and playing soccer. I like to mostly sit back, listen, and observe the world around me. I’m introverted but an adventurer and something of an adrenaline junkie.

In my early- to mid-twenties, I  felt constricted by the confines of what was defined as a ‘normal life’. Where’s the fun in working full-time jobs to pay for daycare, barely see your family, and still barely be able to make the mortgage payment each month? I wanted something different. I wanted a life spent with my children and my husband every day instead of being separated from them for most of our waking hours. I wanted a life free of debt and full of adventure and FUN.

Before I even realized that people lived on boats, I developed a keen interest in the tiny house movement due to the freedom that this type of lifestyle seemed to offer. Making the mental leap from the idea of living in a tiny home, to living in a tiny home that happened to be a sailboat, was very easy for me. Once the idea was hatched, I was quickly ‘all in’ and the real dreaming and planning began.

Evan  |  DOB spring 2010

Our son Evan has been living aboard since he was six years old. He loves to sail fast and heel the boat over. Yes, we homeschool (boatschool) aboard the boat. We’re coming into our second year of boatschooling and feel a pull to be more structured this year than we were last year. We’re actively cruising the Puget Sound now and will be nomads year-round. Much of our travel decisions will be based upon trying to find and build our community of ‘kid boats’. Evan is an especially social creature and will approach and strike up a conversation with absolutely anybody. He’s always looking for a new friend.

Kalyra  |  DOB summer 2014

Kalyra (Ka-lie-ra), or Kali (Cal-ee) for short, is our little spitfire child that, from day one, has been in a hurry to do, go, be. She has been living aboard since she was just over two years old. Kali is wicked smart and ready to take on the world. She’ll be sweet as pie one moment and ready to fight tooth and nail the next just to argue that black isn’t black. Kali idolizes her big brother and yet also definitely has a mind of her own. She’s as free-willed and spirited as they come and I truly cannot wait to watch her grow into herself aboard this wonderful boat.

Mosaic Voyage - Sailing Family June 2019

Sailing the Puget Sound – June 2019