The Crew

We are a family of four from the Pacific Northwest: Brenden, Rachel, Evan, and Kalyra.

Family of four preparing to for cruising aboard our sailboat

September 2016 | San Diego trip to bring Mosaic to Portland | Sequoia National Park

Brenden  |  aka Dad

Brenden is in his early thirties. With a background in banking, he is good with people and can easily strike up a hearty conversation with just about anyone. Brenden may be described as opinionated and can come off as intimidating to some, but he’s always willing to debate with anybody that has a stance on whatever subject may be at hand. He’s fair in discussion and a great conversationalist.

Brenden is known to latch onto a subject (such as sailing) and research and study almost endlessly. Because of this habit, he is very good at gathering information to put to good use. Having successfully transitioned out of the banking world and into the tech world, he’s spending his free time teaching himself computer coding and, of course, helping his wife raise their two children.

Rachel  |  aka Mom

Rachel is also in her early thirties. She’s an animal lover and nature lover at heart and will often feel more comfortable interacting with the animals in any given group over the people. She would describe herself as shy at first, until she gets to know a person, but she’s truly got a quirky personality and has been said to have a dark humor that pops up now and again.

As a young adult, Rachel often felt constricted by the confines of a ‘normal life’ (work to pay the bills to live in a house you can’t afford without working even more- where’s the fun in working your life away???) and developed a keen interest in the tiny house movement due to the freedom, including financial freedoms, that that type of lifestyle seemed to offer.

Making the mental leap from the idea of living in a tiny home, to living in a tiny home that happens to be a sailboat, was very easy for her. When first the plan of selling their house and buying a sailboat to live aboard was starting to take shape, Brenden was often asked “How does your wife feel about all this?” in a somewhat joking tone. Brenden always answered, “If anything, I’m the brakes in all this.”

Certainly, if the idea of selling the house and living aboard a sailboat to sail around the world had come up before the children were born, it would have likely taken only months to go from the seed of the idea to casting off for the unknown.

Mosaic Voyage | Boat Kids | Family preparing to Cruise on a sailboat

October 2017 – One Year Mark Living Aboard

Evan  |  DOB spring 2010

Evan has been living aboard since he was 6 years old. We are not homeschooling yet, but are planning to make that transition this summer (2018). Evan is a sensitive soul and very social. He’s a truly good kid and he will grow to be an amazing man- of that I have no doubt.

Evan really isn’t sure about the whole sailing adventure thing. If he forgets to remember that he’s told himself he doesn’t want to do this, he will tell you he’s having fun and loves living on the boat. But he feels he will miss his friends and his family when we leave so we know that we will need to be dedicated to finding and developing long-term friendships with other kid boats traveling in the same direction that we are headed. I’m confident that once we can let go of the materialistic wants of our routine society, Evan will not only love the adventure, but thrive in the doing.

Kalyra  |  DOB summer 2014

Kalyra (Ka-lie-ra), or Kali (Cal-ee) for short, is our little spitfire child that, from day one, has been in a hurry to do, go, be. She has been living aboard since she was just over two years old. Kali is wicked smart and ready to take on the world. She’ll be sweet as pie one moment and ready to fight tooth and nail the next just to argue that black isn’t black. Kali idolizes her big brother and yet has already worked out how to pin things on him to remove the blame from her hands. She’s as free-willed and spirited as they come and I truly cannot wait to watch her grow into herself aboard this wonderful boat.

Mosaic Voyage - sailing family

Spring 2018