Bringing Her Home

After the boat left the boat yard on Thursday afternoon, we were finally free to enjoy the last couple days of our vacation. That evening we spent a good deal of time on the beach with the kids, getting ice cream cones, and exploring the San Diego Pier.

On Friday, we again spent hours at the beach, soaking in the sun and enjoying the warm waters of the southern California Pacific. That evening, we took a sunset stroll along the waterfront and enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the water.

9-11-16 sunset walk

Saturday morning was time to beat feet northward. We had to be home by Sunday night so we knew it would be a long couple of days in the car for the kiddos, along mostly just straight freeways. We wanted to see the Sequoias though so we planned an inland detour to visit the Sequoia National Park.

We got a phone call from the truck driver on Saturday morning though and received the news that his truck had broken down and he and the boat were sitting along the side of the freeway in central Oregon. Thankfully, the boat was fine and the driver was confident that the truck’s fix wouldn’t prove overly complicated. He did, however, need us to hurry to meet up with him to give him the 2nd half of the delivery payment so that he could have the truck repaired.

This arrangement made us more than a little nervous, but it all worked out okay in the end.

We still made the side trip to see the Sequoias, and we’re glad we did! Those trees are monstrous! Pure majesty. And the sunset we witnessed up on the mountain was the most stunning sunset I’ve seen in my entire life. Surrounded by that old growth forest, with some of the largest trees on the planet, was a borderline religious experience for me.

9-10-16 sunset

If you ever have the chance to visit the Sequoia National Park, do whatever it takes to get there.

The next day was full of driving, driving, and more driving as we rushed north to meet up with the truck driver and lay our anxious eyes on Mosaic to assure ourselves that she’d come through the breakdown no worse for wear. Finding everything to be as the driver said it was, we handed over the money and continued on up the road to Portland, with Mosaic following along behind.

Thanks for reading and please follow along on current events and adventures on our Facebook page. ~Rachel

9-10-16 family selfie


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