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Sailing Family on the Puget Sound

Our family: Brenden, Rachel, Evan, and Kali in June 2019

Brenden and Rachel grew up in Southwest Washington State, just across the Columbia River from Portland Oregon. They met in 2005 and soon fell in love. In 2010, Brenden and Rachel welcomed their son Evan into the family. The next year, they got married and bought a house in beautiful Battle Ground Washington. In 2014, daughter Kalyra (Kali) was born and it was during the months following her birth that their dream started to take shape.

It all started with a documentary called Maiden Trip- the story of a young girl that circumnavigated the globe, solo, on her sailboat. Brenden began researching, watching every documentary and YouTube sailing channel that he could find, reading dozens of books, and pitched the idea to Rachel to sell the house and move onto a sailboat to eventually sail off into the sunset.

Having always been intrigued by the idea of living in a tiny home so that one might have fewer ‘things’, fewer bills, and a bigger life, it didn’t take much convincing for Brenden to get Rachel’s full buy-in to the idea of living aboard a sailboat which would expand the boundaries of their lives.

In early 2015, Brenden and Rachel bought a Catalina 25 sailboat and took a lesson or two before setting out on every available weekend to learn the crude basics of sailing on the beautiful Columbia River. In October of that year, after countless hours of online search, Brenden found a boat for sale in Seattle Washington that would solidify the dream and set the gears in motion to prepare the house to sell.

Catalina 25 sailboat | Mosaic Voyage | Family preparing to go cruising on a sailboat

The last time taking out the Catalina before selling her to a buddy of ours. This is Rachel sitting with Brenden’s Dad, Scott.

That first boat that they looked at was named Amazing Grace, a 1978 Sparkman and Stevens designed Fuji 40. From the first viewing, they fell in love with the design and felt it would be a perfect boat for their family. Amazing Grace was hull #1 of only about 13 made so Brenden and Rachel felt sure that if that boat sold before they could sell the house and get the finances in order to make an offer, the chances of another Fuji 40 coming for sale on the West Coast were pretty remote.

In May 2016, the house in Battle Ground sold … and by then so had Amazing Grace. Brenden and Rachel searched for months, toured dozens of boats all across the Pacific Northwest, and actually found a family which had a Fuji 40 for sale in La Paz Mexico. The boat, Namaste, was in stellar condition and fully kitted out for cruising. She was priced soundly out of Brenden and Rachel’s price range though and wholly out of reach.

However, they found a promising boat right in Portland Oregon that they thought just might be the one. She was a beautifully maintained Tartan 37 named Whitehawk. An offer was made and accepted, pending survey and sea trial. As the survey on Whitehawk was being performed, and some unhappy news coming to light in the form of some expensive hidden damages which would need repaired, Brenden was stunned to find an ad for another Fuji 40 for sale, this one in San Diego California.

sailboat | Portland OR | Preparing to sail and cruise on a sailboat

Test Sail on Whitehawk – Tartan 37

sailboat, sailing, Mosaic Voyage, preparing to go cruising on a sailboat with family

The issues with Whitehawk – wet core, terrible blistering, etc.

Brenden and Rachel walked away from the deal on Whitehawk and immediately placed a contingent offer on Ariel, the Fuji 40 in San Diego. Brenden flew down that weekend for a first look and she came through his initial inspection well. A survey was scheduled and sea trial arranged for 2 weeks later when Brenden and Rachel both journeyed again to San Diego. Ariel, hull #2, passed inspection and a new name was chosen: Mosaic.

Fuji 40 | San Diego CA | Mosaic Voyage | Sailboat

August 2016 – Short trip to San Diego to check out the Fuji 40

The deal was done. This would be the boat to take their family on the adventure of a lifetime. The story will continue in the Mosaic Voyage blog.