Mosaic Crew Boat Budget: September 2018

Here’s our September 2018 budget/expense report for all boat related items. I’m hoping to actually keep track really closely this month and have an even more in-depth report for October.

My goal in being so transparent with our expenses is to help out anybody in the planning and dreaming phase to understand the real-world expenses for living this lifestyle. Understand that these are OUR expenses and yours can vary greatly depending on the types of choices you make. One could absolutely live aboard much more cheaply, or much more extravagantly.

We are a family of four living aboard full time in the Pacific Northwest. We’re currently living in a marina in Portland Oregon and have been here for 2 years. We are planning to cast off the dock lines next spring/summer and head up to the Puget Sound for part-time cruising, while still continuing to work remotely to full the cruising kitty for more extended travel aboard our sailboat.

If you’re interested, I’ve been posting our monthly expenses for the past few months and I also did a full report on everything we spent in getting through the boat buying and refitting process.

September 2018 Income


September 2018 Boat Expenses

$640 – Slip fee plus electrical bill

$200 – boat loan

$120 – T-Mobile, cell phones

$130 – AT&T, data package

$860 – United Marine Underwriters *2nd 1/2 of the annual payment for our boat insurance

$30 – Royal Flush pump out service (1 visit)

$69 – West Marine, Home Depot, Harbor Freight *Rivet Gun and supplies for Lazy Jack installation

Total: $2,049

Boy, do I love seeing those expenses going down. As I mentioned above, we’re going to try very hard to spend minimal money in October, plus we’ve had a bonus bit of cash free-up already this month so I’m going to challenge myself, and Brenden, to be as frugal as possible and I’ll plan on reporting out our entire budget for October and moving forward. We’ll see how that works out!

As always, thanks for reading. I hope this helps you in your planning and prepping. If you’ve got any questions or comments, I hope you’ll send a comment our way! Cheers!  ~Rachel

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