Mosaic Crew Boat Budget: February 2019 – and a Finance Announcement!

Hello out there! Thanks for stopping by Mosaic Voyage – we’re a family of four in the Pacific Northwest, living aboard our 40-foot sailboat planning and preparing to cast off the dock lines and sail the world.

Kali hangs out on the foredeck one evening, enjoying a lovely March sunset

Kali hangs out on the foredeck one evening, enjoying a lovely March sunset

In fact, we’re only a couple months from casting off from our home slip and heading off on our first major adventure.

In our preparations for changing our lives, stepping outside the box, and living a life rich with adventure, we’re sharing the details of our expenses each month in order to allow those also planning to transition to this lifestyle, or even those just curious about it, to know what it costs to get into this lifestyle and live fulltime in a sailboat as you travel the world with your family.

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I’ve started to feel that the blog is not the best place for me to share these details. I wonder how many of you are really interested in these numbers, and I fear that the content may be boring for some or just not what you’re looking for here. So, I’ve created a specific email list for those of you that would like to receive this information and I will continue to build up these reports and send them out each month. (Hey, we benefit just as much, if not more, than you do from our expense tracking!)


February 2019 – Our Expenses for Living Aboard Our Sailboat and Prepping for Ocean Passages

Ok – let’s get to the good part and discuss our finances for February 2019.

February 2019 Income

Out total income for February 2019 was $6,280.00.

February 2019 Expenses

Total expenses for February 2019: $4,397.00.

It took a friend of ours commenting on last month’s finance report on, basically, how silly it was for me to show our expenses in a pie chart form, for me to realize, yeah, DUH, that’s not how I should be showing that. After all, that doesn’t really show us what we want to know, right?

We want to know how we’re doing month to month! A-ha! Of course! Why didn’t I think of this sooner!?

I don’t know, but, now that it’s been pointed out to me (thanks, Josh!), I am LOVING what I’m seeing with this new model.

Expenses Bar Graph - Boat Budget Mosaic Voyage February 2019

This is SO much more informative than a simple pie chart telling the percentage of our total expenses that were spent that month on each category. Right!? Yes!!

And, if you’ve been following for any period of time, and read my finance reports, you know that we’ve struggled to get our food expenses knocked down- LOOK HOW WE DID THIS MONTH!!! Yes! I’m so so happy to finally see a nice dip in our food expenses. Hopefully, we can keep that number lower again for March.

Let’s Break it Down

Boat and Household Expenses: $1,473

  • Moorage, electricity, cell phones, paid pump-outs, boat projects, and household supplies like laundry soap and toothpaste.

Car Expenses: $498

  • Car insurance, gas, replacement Durango key (I dropped one in the river last month!)

Medical Expenses: $787

  • Existing zero-interest hospital bill, medical/dental/vision insurance (Brenden’s employer-offered health insurance plan increased from $480/mo to $700/mo – ouch)

Work Expenses: $383

  • Daycare, AT&T data/wifi package, parking fees for downtown Portland where Brenden works

Food & Drink Expenses: $808

  • Groceries, eating out, fast food, alcohol, etc.

Entertainment Expenses: $151

  • Netflix, Hulu, gym membership, Audible subscription/purchases, movie theater, bowling

Miscellaneous Expenses: $297

  • Education, website fees

Two boat kids hanging out on the foredeck of their sailboat with a gorgeous PNW sunset in the background

I’m so excited to see our progress this month versus last month and I cannot wait to see how March stacks up!

Remember to be sure to sign up for our monthly finance reports if you’re interested because I won’t be posting them on the blog anymore! Thanks for reading! Hope you love the new bar graph as much as I do! Hahahaha!  ~Rachel

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