Day 3 Boat Yard Progress (and, yeah, there’s been progress!!)

I must say that I really like being a short walk from the boatyard at Port Townsend Shipwright’s Co-Op where Mosaic sits getting her engine replaced. We’ve been able to go visit each afternoon to see the progress being made.

Today is just the 3rd day she’s been in their care and THE OLD ENGINE IS OUT!

We’re SO excited and happy to see progress already being made in such a big way. Yes, we realize that demo is always the easiest process, but we were pretty stoked to walk into the yard today and see that old Pisces marine diesel sitting on the ground beside Mosaic.

Pisces 40 sailboat marine diesel replacement

Pisces 40 sailboat marine diesel replacement

Pisces 40 sailboat marine diesel replacement

So, of course, we had to take a peek inside and see the empty hole where the old engine used to be!

Empty sailboat engine bay

Turns out they’re going to need to do some fiberglass work and drop down the engine supports about 4 inches to make room for the new engine to fit. Sounds like this turned out to be a blessing in disguise though, as the wood inside was found to be completely rotten.

We have to head back down to Vancouver this weekend for next week so, unfortunately, we will miss out on daily updates in person for the install. I’ll be pretty anxious to get back up to Port Townsend the next weekend and see what it looks like then! Fingers crossed everything continues to go smoothly! Cheers!  ~Rachel

Pisces marine diesel replacement



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