Over the Hump in the Boat Yard

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my Mosaic Voyage duties but, honestly, there’s just not a whole lot to report on right now.

The boat is in the yard at Port Townsend Shipwright’s Co-Op for her engine replacement. We hauled out on October 15th for an expected 3 weeks out of the water. The project got started and we were happy with the progress the first week (and still are!) so we left the hotel we’d been staying in on Saturday the 19th and headed back down to Vancouver WA to stay with family.

The yard had a few unexpected issues pop up due to the boat’s construction and design, which have caused some minor delays, but they’re communicating with us and sending pictures whenever asked.

We received these pics on the 25th after they completed some fiberglass work modifying the engine bed for the new engine.

Engine bed modification on Fuji 40 sailboat

Engine bed modification on Fuji 40 sailboat

Engine bed modification on Fuji 40 sailboat

Then, on the 30th, we got the exciting news that the new engine was in! And a few pictures to go with that update, too.

New engine going into Mosaic, Fuji 40, at PTSC

New engine going into our Fuji 40 sailboat at Port Townsend Shipwright's Co-Op

We’ve now been down here for 3 weeks. The last we heard from them was last Monday. We meant to ask for an update yesterday but forgot.

Arren, our project manager, let us know on Monday that they were expecting to be ready for her to go back in the water on the 11th. However, Brenden has to be in Portland on the 13th so we asked if we could hold off on launch until Friday the 15th.

We’ll travel back up to Port Townsend on Thursday the 14th to prepare for the launch and sea trials. Can’t wait! ~Rachel

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