Mosaic Crew Boat Budget: August 2018

OK – here’s the August budget and expense report, as promised. For those that don’t know, we’re a family of four living aboard our 1978 Fuji 40 sailboat SV Mosaic in Portland Oregon. We’ve been living aboard for almost 2 years, stationary here in Portland as we prepare to leave for long-term cruising. We are finishing up a refit on the boat which landed somewhere in the $40,000 range to prepare the boat for ocean voyages.

My goals in posting our monthly budget/income/expense reports are to A) help others that may be in the dreaming or planning phases of trying to get into this lifestyle, and B) to try to keep ourselves more accountable to where the money goes!

August 2018 Income


August 2018 Boat Expenses

$643 – Slip fee plus electrical bill

$200 – Boat loan

$120 – T-Mobile *cell phones, including data package for internet to work from home

$130 – AT&T *mobile internet router 20gb/month for internet to work from home

$860 – United Marine Underwriters *this is 1/2 of our annual bill for boat insurance

$316 – West Marine & Sexton’s Chandlery

$113 – Columbia Marine Exchange

$73 – Home Depot

$280 – Agwe Sailing *sailing lessons

$158 – Sewing Supplies for Dodger Repair & Mainsail Cover Modification

$130 – Best Buy *large battery pack for times away from shore power

$18 – Propane refill

TOTAL $3,041

It’s nice to see expenses for the month below our income! I realize now that it would be good to start making notes of what the expenses are for – in such cases as purchases at Home Depot and West Marine so I will try to start tracking that.

Kids cheering with a model dinosaur on the table, just built.

During one of our Government Island trips in August, the kids and I built this dinosaur model. They loved it!

Boy sits on the cabin top of a sailboat looking through binoculars at other boats tied up at a dock nearby.

Evan hunting for signs of kids on the other boats…

Boy sits in the cockpit of a sailboat next to a younger girl reading a book to her.

Evan reads to Kali on the trip back to the marina after one weekend at Government Island.

As always, thanks for reading! I hope you found this information to be helpful. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more pictures and updates in real time! Cheers!  ~Rachel

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