Mosaic Kids Blog: October Boatschooling Review

What have we been learning about?

Mosaic Voyage kids learn Spanish in boatschooling

The kids working in Evan’s Spanish work book.

  • Spanish
  • Writing letters
  • Vaccines
  • Math
  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • US History on crash course
  • Coding on  Tynker

So far, boatschooling has been fun. I like doing Tynker and I also liked watching videos about vaccines.

A few days ago, we went sailing. It was really fun. We only had to tack twice, unlike the last time we when we had a tack-fest.

I got to be lookout and help with some lines and winching.

My name is Evan and I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Boat kid shows off muscles after getting vaccines

Kali shows off her muscles after getting some vaccines, kicking off the vaccine lessons!

Boat Kid learns coding on fun interactive game.

Evan plays Tynker, a fun game that teaches computer coding and other great skills.

Boat kid shows off her school work

Kali shows off her letters.

Boy steers the sailboat underway.

Evan takes the helm with guidance from Dad.

Evan sitting in the cockpit while sailing, on lookout duty.

Evan sitting in the cockpit while sailing, on lookout duty.

One thought on “Mosaic Kids Blog: October Boatschooling Review

  1. Evan,
    Thank you for sharing your learning experiences this last month. Nice job!! Please tell your sister that I think she is doing wonderfully with her letters!
    Your friend,


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